Energy cheat for Hidden Shadows

We found a way to boost your energy leven in the Hidden Shadows game:

You need the Firefox browser and the Cheat Engine software.


1.) Start cheat engine and firefox, then you attach cheat engine to the firefox process

2.) Now you enable Speed Hack, set the speed and watch as your energy increases rapidly (the energy capped at 180)

3) Once your energy bar have been filled, you have to uncheck the speed hack and you can start playing again!

How do you post for Energy?

How do you post for Energy? When you start playing Hidden Shadows you’ll need some extra energy. Posting for energy is very easy:

Click on the invite icon at the bottom. When your friends share their rewards on their timelines, you can click on it and receive 15 energy.

But be careful when clicking on the neighbor icons at the bottom of the screen. They are not always your team mates. If you don’t mind bothering your non-gamer friends on Facebook, then click away. A pop-up will appear verifying the send to a non-team mate friend. If you don’t see a pop-up, then the person is likely your team mate.

Launch Hidden Shadows

A few days ago Zynga has launched their second hidden object game after the launch of Hidden Chronicles in 2012. We loved Hidden Chronicles so we decides to start a website around this new game to share with you the latest news, tips and tricks, … around Hidden Shadows.

The next days and weeks you can expect some nice content around this game.

To bring you in the mood to start playing this game, have a look at the official trailer: